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Introduction Edit

Angry birds Stella is a high flying adventure where 5 birds have to battle bad and wielding piggies who are forced to stop Stella so that Gale Aka the bad princess and her assistiant, handsome pig from finding a source powered golden egg which could lead the birds beloved paradise, Golden island, to self-distruction!

Plot Edit

One day on piggy island, Stella was playing with Red and Chuck. When Stella wanted to go back to where she grew up, Red and Chuck decided to find out why Stella was going away but the rowboat went without them! When Stella arrived down to Golden island, she was happy to see her beloved friends from a long time: Poppy, Dahlia, Luca, Willow and Gale. One day while the birds were on a hike, Gale were stumbled upon a cliff and fell into a deep cavern. She felt lost. Then, below a tree with a hole beneath it, Gale found a golden tiara and a book. But then, she wasn't alone! A green pig came along and bowed down to Gale. Then three more pigs bowed down! Then with a big"ahhhhhhhh!" More pigs came along! Gale ran back to the flock really gast and hidden in agent. But when Gale made an accident by burning the tent on the campfire, Gale felt misrable. While Gale was running away, something came upon her again: The pigs! When Gale got on a throne the pigs made, Gale thought of finally being someone she wants to be! Now, as the pigs lead Gale, Stella and the flock find out that Gale is now known as the "Bad Princess!"

The golden egg Edit

The golden egg is an egg where Gale is cruel to take from its lairs. At first, the golden egg was in the jungle far away from the castle. 'Gale thought that the golden egg would be the perfect device to Defeat Stella. So Gale opened up her book and saw some introduction from Professor pig which could lead to major trouble! When Gale finally found the golden egg in a Deep Cavern, below the volcano, Gale was struggling to find it. Once she found it, Gale was rushing to safety bout was too late! Gale got trapped!

Red's conclusion Edit

After the whole drama was over, Red and Chuck suggested if it was to be continued or the end. So Red and Chuck decided to put up a sign which said to be continued or the end. The other birds didn't budge though. They just randomly chose either of them. 4 for to be continued and 3 for the end. Until Bubbles went on the end side. The birds couldn't find an answer though.

Characters Edit

  • Stella: Stella is a pink and kind loving bird in angry birds stella. She has lots of fun on her island and loves to play!
  • Gale: Gale is the bad princess in angry birds stella. She is Stella's rival and is always in search of the golden egg.
  • Poppy: Poppy is the musician and loves to rock. She has her own musician instruments and is the LOUDEST in the flock.
  • Luca: Luca may be small but don't call him a baby or he'll attack you ( unless if you're a bird friend!)
  • Willow: Willow loves painting. She always starts her artwork really neat and gets "A"'s in her art classes. She is a bird of peace and harmony.
  • Dahlia: Dahlia is the scie,ntifiangry birds Stella. She oftenly works hard on experiments and does all it takes to blow away the competition!
  • Handsome pig: Handsome pig is Gale's top asistiant in her castle who wants to be in love with Gale. But everything he tries to do, ends up getting everything WORSE!