Red is the leader of the flock in angry birds. He and his friends will have to be able to fight and protect their eggs from the bad piggies. He is also a nice guy who has enormous eyebrows! When he was a kid, he always got picked on! All because that he was born in a lost and found with enormous eyebrows! After the pigs steal the eggs, he and his new friends go off on an angry journey to destroy the pigs!

Trivia Edit

  • Red is the first bird to play as in every angry birds game
  • Red has the enormous eyebrows in the game
  • Red is friends iwith Chuck, Bomb, Matilda and the rest of the flock
  • The ability he has is usually nothing until he gets powers from his own mighty feathers!

Gameplay appearances Edit

  • Angry birds classic ( first appearance )
  • Angry birds rio
  • angry birds space
  • angry birds seasons
  • angry birds 2
  • bad piggies